Why Teens Don’t Care About Their Driver’s Licence

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Yesterday my one and only child turned 15.

Time for a learner’s permit.

She’s on the computer taking a required four-hour drug and alcohol course right now and she had to ask me the difference between a stimulant and a depressant. I must say, I was pretty proud of her lack of knowledge on the subject. She got all the alcohol questions correct on her own however. Apparently her mother is too versed in beer, wine and spirits. I always called her the drink police cause she looked down her nose at me with disdain when I would try and order more than one drink at dinner.

Funny thing, she’s been driving since she was 5. We live in a rural area and it’s perfectly legal for anyone at any age to drive a vehicle on private property. She regularly drives her Father’s F350. She’s better at backing it up to a trailer than I am. She’s driven tractors and gigantic pieces of farm equipment.

Back in the day, the driver’s license signaled independence. Freedom to go hang out with your friends on your own terms. I went to the DMV the day I turned 16 to get that laminated card.

As an unschooler, my daughter has unlimited time to just be a teenager and hang out with her friends. Sad thing is…all of her friends are in traditional school. They have very limited time outside the confines of the classroom (where they can’t socialize). Then, once released, they have to spend hours doing homework.  So my kiddo feels the pain of the oppressive school schedule just like the rest of her peers. She thought that the driver’s license would buy her more time with her friends. But what it’s really done is shine the light on the fact that her friends will still be trapped inside the classroom.  And this four-hour drug and alcohol course is just as rediculous as the standardized tests they’ll be taking in them.

No wonder kids aren’t as eager to obtain their driver’s licenses these days.

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