Why John Lasseter’s Hawaiian Shirts Make Pixar a Shit Ton of Money

John Lasseter Closet Hawaiin Shirts

Google Image search John Lasseter. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

See him in anything besides Hawaiian shirts?

Want to know why he wears them? Sure… he loves them… But he wears them every day because that’s one less decision he has to make each day.  John is the head decision maker at Pixar. That’s all he does all day long.  But the thing is…he has hundreds of people working under him that make decisions for the company as well. They sweat their creative brains for hours and hours and then come to John for the final decision.  What’s going to make the final cut…what music goes where…etc. etc.

Some of the decisions Lasseter has to make are small but most of them are big decisions. BIG decisions being made ALL DAY.  The less he has to make the small decisions, the more decision making power he reserves for the big ones.  Pure talent and smart decision making are what leads Pixar to churn out success after success and make a shit ton of money.

I’m working on pairing down things in my life. Less stuff means less decisions and less mind trash. Less mind trash means more creative power. How much physical and mental trash can you spot in your life? Take a look around. Are there things in your immediate environment that don’t serve you any more? Have you thought about getting rid of them?

Here’s a story on a girl that wore the same outfit every day for a year!  Do you think you could do it?  John does it in some capacity every day with his Hawaiian shirts.



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