Why Deep Down You Don’t Want to Send Your Kids to School

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“All good ideas are terrible, until people realize they are obvious.” ~ Seth Godin

This idea of school.  Of organized education… hasn’t been around for very long. Less than 175 years in fact.

Across the United States…school started up again last month.

My Facebook stream was filled with pictures of children and their “first day of” photos.

A few of them were really small children that were just starting kindergarten or pre-school and a lot of parents expressed their anxiety about sending the kids off to school for the first time. I even read some heart wrenching stories about the kids crying for their mothers and fathers as they were left at these government sanctioned institutions.  Some call it separation anxiety.  Doctors might even go so far as to classify it as separation anxiety DISORDER. Bring on the drugs! Let’s medicate em so we can get em to do something else they don’t wanna do.

Parents…you wanna know why it feels so unnatural to leave your kids at school on the first day?

Because it IS unnatural. Human beings are perfectly equipped to raise children on their own without school….they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.  Children are born natural learners with natural curiosity and all the skills they need to learn new things.  In their early years…children can survive and even thrive at home with their parents. To love them. To guide them. To nurture and teach them. You know it. You feel it down deep in your gut. Tugging on your heartstrings.  It’s permeates every fiber in your being…It’s only natural.

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