What Do Unschoolers Do? – 30 Things My Homeschooled Kid Has Done


Parents with kids who go to school but are considering homeschooling or unschooling their child may have a hard time wrapping their heads around what they will be doing with their child all day every day.  The  Monday through Friday school year grind has been engrained into our psyches. Our parents did it. We did it and now our children are doing it. But what if we could change all that? What exactly would we do?  Anything.  We could do anything we want with our day. Here’s an example of just a few of the things my “freshman-student” has done during unschooling.

  1. She has trained for and completed 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons.
  2. She has built a blog where she makes a monthly income from the ad revenue she creates.
  3. This has led her to start a second blog where she writes about another one of her passions.
  4. We vacation when kids are in school. As a result, we pay half the price that others pay to go to the same locations during the summer and on average, these places are less crowded.
  5. She spends quality time with her grandparents.
  6. She plays Candy Crush.
  7. She’s learned arbitrage by buying things on CraigsList and reselling them on eBay for a profit.
  8. She’s taken violin lessons.
  9. She wants to work in agriculture so she and her father found 22 acres of farm land which they leased for a year. Last night she did research on the internet to see what she could plant at this time of the year, how many rows would fit on the property and how many plants she could plant per row with adequate spacing.  This idea all stemmed from a smaller garden that she planted with success in our own backyard. She plans on selling what she grows.
  10. She acquired a horse and is learning how to ride.
  11. She’s negotiated deals to get things for free that she would have paid money for.
  12. We eat almost every meal together.
  13. She bakes and decorates cookies…something she taught herself.
  14. We golf.
  15. We bowl.
  16. She’s commercial fished with her father.
  17. She helps working cows at our family’s ranch and helps with controlled burns there as well.
  18. We travel….a lot.
  19. We play Scrabble.
  20. She goes to 4H meetings.
  21. She raises market animals throughout the year and then in February takes them to the County fair where she shows them and then sells them for a profit.
  22. We learn about social media and how we can use it in business and in our personal lives.
  23. She posts on Instagram.
  24. She does chores.
  25. She’s learning how to drive.
  26. She’s been in Girl Scouts.
  27. She watches Duck Dynasty, Farm Kings, Made in America, Ridiculousness, etc.
  28. We go to theme parks (we do live in the vacation capitol of the world)
  29. She goes to media events with me ( for my other blog) and has had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences…all while not having to worry about missing school.
  30. She’s learned a ton from others by watching YouTube videos and researching the internet for things that interest her.

What Would Your Child’s Unschool Day Look Like?


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