The Selfish Reasons Why You Send Your Child to School

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I’ll no doubt piss some people off with this post. However, if you’re not provoking thought, why write?

The earth is NOT flat.  But at one point in time, this was a highly held belief. School is NOT good for your children. Sending kids to school is like leading innocent lambs to the slaughter in a slow decades long march. The world has moved at a rapid pace and if you still have your kids in traditional school, it’s too late, they’ve just been annihilated by their peers who are NOT having their minds numbed in a traditional classroom. And those non-traditional kids are going to wipe them up with the shrouds of opportunity cost.

You know in your gut that traditional school is old and antiquated. Why are you still sending your kids there? As an only child, it’s hard to learn not to be selfish. I too was guilty of a few of the following.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Continue to Send Your Children to School

1. You Like the Free Babysitting Service – Government needs money. Particularly tax payer money. The government needs you to work so it can tax you on earned income. It’s like those machines in the movie “The Matrix” that grow the babies and then suck their energy dry like mosquitoes. You’re the wet, slimy embryos marinating in the little pod that the government has created for you. You try to survive and they pluck you off one by one draining your life blood until you wither and die. You know the saying… “pay taxes and die”. You have to work. You have to send your kids somewhere while you work. School is the free babysitting service invented by the government, so you can work, so they can tax you and make money, so you give them another generation of embryos called “your children”.

2. You can’t stand the thought of being with your kids all day – There, I said it. Parenting is hard. The thought of dealing with your kids 24/7 gives you visions of hiding under a heap of dirty laundry in the corner of your cold, dark closet clutching a bottle of vodka. Parenting can be a draining and thankless job. Pulling your kids out of school leaves you with a major conundrum. What the hell will I do with these munchkins all day? Some of you would rather work than deal with your kids, especially adults who have found fulfilling jobs. But how does that affect your kids? Kids don’t have a choice on how to arrange their day. You are in essence choosing a fun and fulfilling work day for yourself at the expense of your children leading a dull and uninspiring life in a school prison.

3. You’re not a credentialed teacher – Kids do NOT need teachers. They need inspiration and guidance. That’s it. Humans are natural learners and they will only retain knowledge about things that interest them. Think about it. Can you name 10 Symbols from the Periodic Table of the Elements? How about who founded the Han Dynasty? Can you give me an example of a Leibniz notation? Probably not, that’s because unless you are going to specialize in World History, become a chemist or an engineer, you really don’t need to have these facts commited to memory. In fact, why are we still forcing our kids to memorize this information when all of the answers can be found on a small handheld device in their back pockets? Kids are going to gravitate towards the things they are most naturally interested in. when they find those interests, they aren’t going to need you to teach them. They are going to engross themselves in the subject for hours upon hours. You only need to be close by as a sounding board so that you can listen to them when they excitedly tell you about everything they’ve learned…on their own…at their own pace… without school bells and misbehaved children interrupting them.

4. Breaking tradition is scary – You went to traditional school. Your parents went to traditional school. Your grandparents went to traditional school. Someone was the very first person in your family to graduate college, what an honor. Your kid is in the gifted program. They got straight A’s. They made the honor roll. They got accepted into that special program. They were selected to be on the team. Prom is coming up. Its the father/daughter dance. Yadda, yadda…yadda. What in the world would a life look like without traditional school? What would a precious little soul do with their lives if they had all the time in the world to pursue their heart’s desire? What exactly would that look like? You don’t know because you never had that freedom. But as a parent, you CAN give that gift to your kids.

5. What will your friends and family say – Homeschooling, unschooling, worldschooling. Terms that most of your friends and family haven’t heard of and won’t understand. These terms are untraditional and go against everything the masses hold sacred. Naturally you will receive push-back from everyone you know who has been schooled traditionally or has kids who are currently being schooled traditionally. It’s a commitment bias. They have to rationalize the fact that school was good, otherwise they admit that they may be damaging their own children. My daughter was recently offered $1,000 a month to go back to school until she graduated. The family member making the offer was well intentioned, however that family member was acting out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that lacking a high school diploma would be a black mark. Fear of loss of control. It’s a crazy time to be a school aged kid. Lots of big changes are here. It’s a gigantic shift in knowledge and technology and dozens of industries are being disrupted, improved and redefined.

So to answer the question, will you damage your child? What do you think? You’re the loving parent that wants the the best for your child. School is the government institution created to gain maximum control over the minds of our youth, so that they are conditioned to become good, subservient employees whose work will line the coffers of the government tax pool.


  • Carrie says:

    Another great post about pulling back the curtain. We are essentially brain washed at an early age of “what we must do, to be successful”
    Truly a hard hitting post!! Great info, thanks for sharing!!

  • As a kid-less reader, I appreciate all of these posts you do that make me think about these topics. You are an inspiration in many ways, A.

  • I have my oldest child in school right now and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. He just finished Kindergarten. Overall he liked the social aspects and became a great reader, but there were incidents like his teacher calling me to tell me my son burped in class that make me go, “Is this really the place for a five year old boy?”

  • Lee says:

    OMG YES to 1-3. I’m not gonna lie and I don’t care who judges me. Not so much the others though. Although I will absolutely admit that now that Jason is home schooled I found out it was way above my head, but I didn’t expect that to happen. But yes, my kids make me insane and I do love when they go away and give me some time to get work done and breathe without screaming and fighting with one another.


  • Melissa says:

    I feel like I would love to homeschool or unschool but you got it exactly right. I feel like friends and family won’t support me. I would actually LOVE for my son to be with me all day but I feel like I am not good enough to teach him what he needs to know. I feel like he needs structure and I bet if I could figure it out at home, it would work. But it’s scary!

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