The Government Owns You. Don’t Let Them Own Your Children.

government property

Pay taxes and die right?

Did you know that the American Dream was a marketing campaign set up by Fannie Mae many years ago to enslave us with mortgages?  And we bought into it just like we buy into loads of “feel good” marketing bullshit.  Although, when you pay off your mortgage you never ‘really’ own that house do you? You have to pay taxes on it every year. Or what? Or the government will sell your tax leins on the courthouse steps and when you don’t pay off those tax liens they will sell your house out from under you to satisfy the liens. Therefore…the government always has some ownership over your house…and you.

And yet we’re still force feeding this American Dream down our children’s throats. Go to school, get good grades, get into a good college, graduate, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, slave at a job all your life and then retire when you’re too old to enjoy it.  What the hell are we sending our kids to school and college for?  So they can graduate with a Bachelors in “Yada Yada Blah Blah” that every other kid their age has and go out into the world with no real life experience with said worthless paper degeree? A college degree doesn’t mean what it used to mean anymore.  Back in the day when ‘the few’ graduated with degrees it meant something. It was special. Now everyone has a college degree and it means nothing. Well, actually it does means something. It means our kids are graduating with mortgages and no homes to show for it. The average graduate leaves school with $35,200 (CNNMoney) in college-related debt…that can NEVER be forgiven…even in Bankruptcy.  And guess who subsidizes a ton of that debt? The government.

And even if your kid doesn’t rack up debt in school, what’s the opportunity cost that he or she pays for four years of time wasted sitting in a box for hours on end only to be released on the weekends for drunken nights of partying and sex?  Let’s call it what it is folks.  This is the “college experience”.  Four years lost. While the homeschooled kid starts building a business early…from home, and then takes it to IPO grossing millions of dollars, the traditionally schooled kid is still a “sitting duck” in a college prison having their minds molded into the nightmare that is the “American Dream”.

Well you know what? I’m taking back my child! That’s right…she belongs to me for at least 18 years and I am responsible for what she becomes and she’s not going to become property of the government.

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