If Your Kid is Making A’s in School, is That a Warning Sign?

Happy kid child gets f school grade

Are A’s the new F’s? In school…no. But in life, they may be.

What does an A say about a student?  It says that they studied hard and followed the curriculum that was set out for them. They were good at following the rules. They’re good at standardized testing.  They did their homework. They were good students.  Of course it could also mean that they copied off of someone. The kid that copied might have been better off. At least they were doing something else that gave them greater satisfaction than studying to pass a test on a subject that bored them to tears.

Problem is. We don’t need more rule followers. We need more innovators. We need kids who aren’t afraid to forge their own path. To set their own curriculum.

Standardized tests are bringing stress upon our children and are being disguised by the system as noble acts like “no child left behind”. But I don’t think that the results of standardized tests amount to a hill of beans. Why should you care if your child scores low in math? Maybe they have no interest in it. It doesn’t mean that they are stupid. In fact. I think quite the opposite is true. They know what they’re NOT interested in and so they don’t study that subject.  That leads to a poor score in math. Great. Now we know that that kid shouldn’t choose a career that relies heavily on math skills.  Let’s forget about math and let him pursue other interests.

If your child is earning A’s it may mean that they have found their calling in the subject in which they are earning the A grade. Of course it could also mean that the brainwashing is working.


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