How to Get Rich From Your Very Own Bank

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Time is a currency. You don’t “find time” and you don’t “make time”. You spend time.  And just like real money. You can waste it. I’ve wasted a lot of it over the past 37 years. Yep…all that wasted time I spent. I have buyer’s remorse. I want a refund on my time damnit. I can’t believe I wasted so much of it! I wasted time and now I have to look back and lament about it, which is costing me more time. That’s not useful.

After I graduated high school I wasted a lot of time. Time spent in nightclubs. Time spent drinking. Time spent with all the wrong sorts of people. People who were looking to squander my time. Time spent in my car commuting. Time spent building other people’s dreams by working for them. Time spent worrying about what other people thought of me. Time spent looking for someone to love me.

How valuable is your time?

When you spend your time working on yourself you can increase your value.  Sleeping, exercising, reading, meditating. These are all things you can spend your time doing. These things are also the things that will increase your value to others.

You’re like your very own business. The business of you. The more time you spend working on yourself. The more you can help others. The more your time value increases. Like a real corporation, the more money you keep investing in the business, the stronger the business will grow.  You can increase your time value. The smarter you get. Or the more loving you get. Or the more enthusiastic you get.  These types of people have a higher time value. Just think of any master you know. Others pay for that master’s time. The more of a master that person is, the higher dollar value the master can command per hour.  Masters convert their time into money. They can actually buy time. They can hire someone to do menial tasks for them so that they can spend their time on the things that are going to bring the most value to themselves and to others.

Of course you could just keep all your time to yourself.  If you do, then no one will want to invest their time into you. Be open to the possibility that you have time to invest in others. When you do, you collect on that investment and so does the person you’re contributing your time to. Who in your life is worthy of more of your time? Who have you been neglecting? Spend some of that precious time with them today. Pick up the phone. Give them a call. Send an encouraging text or email. Better yet, get together with them.

You never know when your time will end. You can’t take your time with you so spend it all…every day. As long as you’re still living and breathing you will get another replenishment of time from the universe tomorrow.  Time…what a precious gift we’ve all been given!

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  • John says:

    This is a GREAT/AMAZING/AWESOME/KICK-ASS post Amanda! Great wisdom and encouragement for everyone. I LOVED the “buyers remorse” reference. I feel the same way. Time is so valuable and we often fail to invest in ourselves.

    Thank you for this and I will pass it along.

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