How Graduate School Can Make You Look Bad


If school is a babysitting service for kids, then is graduate school a babysitting service for adults?

What are some of the reasons why adults go to grad school?

I dropped out of my MBA after the first semester when I picked up an unrelated book on how to make money in real estate. Better I throw myself off the lifeboat and try and swim to the island then drift farther out to sea only to be tossed about by the waves of the university.  And it only cost me $12.99. Why the hell did I go back to school anyway? Cause I didn’t know what to do with myself after my daughter was born…and school…was all I had known.

Besides the sciences…that type of higher education is needed… I don’t want a doctor slicing me open when all he’s done is watch YouTube videos on how to do it and I damn sure don’t want to drive my family across a bridge that an engineer fresh out of high school has designed.

But the other fields that adults feel they need to go get a Masters or PhD in. Many times, the students who decide to go down the road to higher education degrees are students that think they will be able to find a job after they throw more money or debt at the system.  Or, they are the ones who have never had a job in their life. Graduation scares the hell outta them.  They like the constant feedback they receive from professors.  “Good job baby…you get an A+!”

Or, they have graduated with a Bachelors degree but they just can’t make it in the real world so they decide to retreat to the walls of an institution. All they’ve known is school.  Blah…I’ve been there…and I hated it. They’ve been taught when to think and what to do for the majority of their lives.  After graduation, there’s no one there to tell them what to do anymore. They’re looking for direction from someone….anyone! So, they decide to go back to school.  At least then they’ll look busy…not earning money.  Maybe they can teach with that new degree and continue to propagate the system.

It’s kind of like the prisoner who gets released only to break the law again so that they can go back to the comfort of their jail cell and three squares a day.  It’s been a long hard road for me trying to unschool myself. Lot’s of reverse brainwashing…but it CAN be done.  I cringe when I think back to the 5 years of my daughter’s life where I sent her off to school every day. It took quite a few years to learn how to unschool her as well.

If grad students really got down to the truth of the matter, they’d see that graduate school makes them look like they are trying to prolong their childhood by earning grades.


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