How a False Perception Equaled a $1,192,793 Million Dollar Reality for One Girl


Amanda Palmer This is the Future of MusicOnce upon a time there was a girl with a band.

This band played shows from coast to coast and built up a loyal following.

One day a record label took notice of the girl and her band. The record label offered to sign them. The girl thought that this would be her ticket so she signed with the record label. The band worked tirelessly to develop an album. When it was done, the record label put it out in stores and it sold about 25,000 copies.  The record label perceived this to be a failure and abandoned the girl and her band.

About the same time, at one of her shows, a fan approaches the girl and her band with a $10 bill in hand and says. ‘I’m sorry…I burned your CD from a friend. I know you hate your label and I want you to have this.” So the girl decides that from this point on she’s just going to give away her music for free.  She’s going to give her music away…but she’s going to ask for help when she needs it.

For her next album, the girl decides to turn to online crowd funding.  Her goal is to raise $100,000 so that she can produce and distribute her new album.  Her fans end up backing her at $1,192,793. And you know how many fans it took for her to generate that much revenue? 24,883…

Watch her amazing story here…

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