Don’t Wait for a Snow Day

funny snow

I woke up this morning… without an alarm clock. Opened my eyes and reached over to my nightstand to grab my iPhone like I normally do to check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email.

Apparently there’s an epic battle being waged between my friends in the north east and mother nature. One friend posted that she thought she’d been transported to Narnia. The video of the snow was beautiful and I could hear the sound of her baby cooing in the background.

Another friend talked about how she filled every round vessel in her home up with water. Everyone had taken a warm shower and she was ready to spend the day at home. Work and school would be officially closed and no alarm clocks had been set…so there would be no guilt about staying in with her family.

Another couple posted a video of the two of them playing Frisbee in the snow with their dog and yet another friend posted an outstanding video of her dog tearing circles in the yard in the snow on a leash with its tail wagging vigorously and her giggling.

I saw another photo of a friend’s son in his highchair clearly overjoyed at the prospect of digging into his bowl of snow ice cream with sprinkles.

My question is…why wait for a snow day? Why not have more moments in life like this? It is possible to structure your life so that every day is like a snow day. Until you figure out how you can do that for yourself…cheers to days like this!

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  • Evan sure is a happy boy today, even if Mama dislikes the snow. Sadly, working from home equals a snow day not exactly being a snow day, but I completely agree with you friend. I took that moment to video this morning while James held his boy. So many days he is gone before Evan wakes up and comes home with just a couple of hours before Evan goes to bed. It’s days like these that he gets to see his son in daylight hours, and get extra snuggles, that make me just a little bit more okay with the precipitation I dislike most.

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