Calling Bullshit on the Facebook Fan Page

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Comparison is the thief of joy but it’s inevitable that we as bloggers do it. We analyze and compare social media stats as a way to gauge how good we are. We then use these comparisons to stroke our own egos or obsess over the fact that others are doing better than us, and so WE must suck.

This is true of Instagram, Twitter and of course Facebook. Especially the Facebook Fan Page or as it is now being called the Business Page.  But it’s time to call bullshit of the Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook is a business. It has to make money. It’s shareholders are hungry. Facebook needs to sell ads and collect money from “businesses” boosting posts. This used to be a level playing field. A true game-changer. Mary the mom blogger could snatch up fans with her kick ass content just as fast or faster than the Huffington Post could.  People built empires and funneled off massive web traffic from their Fan Page…until…they didn’t.  Now that Facebook has changed their algorithm, the fans that signed up to see your Fan Page posts are no longer being offered your content in their stream because you haven’t paid Facebook to show it to them.  This is bullshit in and of itself…but I digress.

Here’s the really interesting part, and the part that some of you may not have noticed. Big or small, most Facebook Pages are only receiving around 2% interaction.  Take a look below, even large, highly respected brands can’t beat this alarming statistic.  I love runDisney and have signed up to be a member of their Fan Page but I don’t recall seeing anything lately in my stream from them.  I click over to their page and see that they have 373,000 fans yet only 12,000 are talking about them. That’s only a 3% interaction.  Crazy right?

Facebook Fan Page

It’s even true for my Business Pages. On one of my other sites I have 4,500 followers but only 168 are talking about me. Not even a 4% interaction. I remember when I had a 50% interaction rate.

Go ahead. Go look at at the Facebook Page of the brand or blogger you idolize. How much interaction really goes on with their page? Likely less than 10% and probably closer to 2%. If they have more interaction than that you can bet that they have paid Facebook to have their posts boosted.

When working with brands or PR, often times you are asked for your Fan Page stats. But what brands and PR really need to be looking at is interaction.  The Facebook Fan Page has become a wasteland. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Marketers ruin everything.”


  • Lisa Shaw says:

    Too true!! Facebook is where I picked up most of my followers to my blog. Hardly any traffic on my fan page now. I find myself hardly ever posting to it as it’s discouraging. I refuse to pay FB to promote it.

  • Carrie says:

    Great post as always. #KeepingItReal

  • Paulette says:

    Makes total sense. I just use the ‘fan page’ as a way to post blog posts to friends who want to follow that way (instead of everyone in my FB friends stream). Not much interaction there though, and I don’t expect there to be. Definitely not paying for it!

  • Shannyn says:

    I do social media for a living- so basically for big brands I help them create content and strategize for social media outreach. I have been a community manager for pages reaching over 1 million fans and yes- this problem you’ve described is hitting all brands. It has now been reported that most brands see LESS than 20% (and 20% is the high end of this average) engagement, so only 20% of their fans will see their stuff, but most brands the number is now 4%.

    Last night, I thought it would be interesting to put $1 behind a post on my facebook fanpage. I got a message that said they’d need approve the ad. HUH. So, first, Facebook says “despite the fact that people have opted in to your page, and hit ‘like’ in order to get your content, only 4% will see that content, and only up to 20% if it does really well…to do better than 20% you’ll have to pay us. When you pay us, we will then decide if your content is worthy enough with cash for YOUR OWN FANS to see it.”

    Yes..infuriating and I’m done with it personally… I’m focusing on the other channels now and only do paid campaigns for the brands I manage. Sigh.

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