Because I Deserve It

I Deserve Better

Ever rationalize something this way?

Because I deserve it.

“I kicked ass at the gym today. I’m treating myself to this dessert…because I deserve it.”

“I get up and go to work every day to provide for my family. I’m going to buy myself that new car…because I deserve it.”

“I worked hard for that promotion. I’m going to go out for drinks tonight…because I deserve it.”

You worked out in the gym. Must mean that you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight or maintain a strong physique. That calorie rich, sugar laden dessert is misaligned with what you are trying to accomplish by dedicating all of those long, hard hours in the gym.  That dessert quite possibly negated all the calories you just worked off.  Now you’re right back where you started. No progress. Or worse, you’re in a sugar coma. You’re feeling guilty.  Is that what you deserve?

You work crazy hours at your job. The hours seem even longer because of your commute.  You’re lucky if you get a couple of hours during the week to spend time with your beautiful family.  You wish you had the means to spend more quality time with them. To take more vacations. But you have to go to work. You decide you deserve a new car. You work hard. So you go to the dealership and finance a shiny ‘new-car-smelling’ vehicle.  The newness of it wears off in a few weeks. The reality sets in that you won’t even own the car outright for another five years. By the time you pay it off it will be falling apart.  You’ll have the same bill coming in month after month after month. Now you really have to work. You have to work every day until you get that car debt payed off. You have to worry about paying for gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs, all while you are making a huge monthly payment to the bank.  What if unexpected expenses come up? You worry. Can I really afford this? It’s too late now. You’re stuck with the payment. Is that what you deserve?

Have something to celebrate? Maybe a promotion? You decide to celebrate it with friends this weekend and a night out on the town. Drinks for everyone!  Especially you! Boy are we having a good time! The next morning you wake up feeling less than stellar. You’re tired, dehydrated, hungover and your wallet is a lot lighter.  It takes you a few days to get over the cruddy feeling. Is that what you deserve?

Before you try and rationalize your next “because I deserve it” moment. Ask yourself…do you really deserve that? I think you deserve better. I hope you realize you do too.

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  • Pamela Frost says:

    Amanda, once again a great post! As I train for my second marathon, I have the same thoughts on the night of my long run. I can have a beer or pizza, because I ran for 4 hours, I deserve it. Well that explains why 4-5 pounds creep on easily during marathon training months. You don’t deserve it. You deserve to feel good about your training and the way you COULD look if you reward yourself with something like a better self esteem or pride in your long run and the calories you just burned, not what you can do to gain them back!

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