A Minimalist Christmas

minimalist christmas

I just put the ornaments on the tree last night.  By myself. Home. Alone. With Christmas carols playing from the satellite radio. I don’t think we’d even have a tree if it weren’t for my daughter wanting one.  Well, maybe we would. She and her father picked it out and brought it home. She strung the lights on.

I’ve been totally unaffected this year.  It’s amazing how untouched you become when avoiding television and big box commercial stores. The only jolly holiday reminder I get is when I pop into the grocery store to pick up food for the week.  Well, that and facebook.

I can remember Christmases where presents spilled out and over the ground in the living room in a four foot radius around the tree. So many presents.  Exhaustion from just wrapping them let alone unwrapping them. One Christmas my daughter gave up about 75% of the way through. She was tired of unwrapping gifts.

I would spend days on end trimming my home. Poinsettia swags over every window. Snowmen I had collected adorning any flat surface. Hours spent hanging lights around the outside of the house and looking for extension cords for the holiday blowups.

This year we have but one decoration. The tree. It will be a merry “little” Christmas…and I’m OK with that.

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